William Shatner’s divorce settlement is unique

Feb 11, 2021 | Divorce

When a Colorado married couple decides to end their relationship, it undoubtedly prompts a series of legal decisions that must be resolved in order to obtain a settlement. Sometimes, two spouses can swiftly and amicably settle a divorce, while other cases are much more complex and challenging to finalize. Hollywood superstar William Shatner’s divorce case is an example of the latter. In fact, his settlement includes several unique details that are definitely not what the average family court judge would consider ordinary.

Shatner is famous for his personal hobby as well as his acting career

Die-hard Shatner fans know that their favorite Star Trek character is a horse breeder in real life. Horses were a central focus of the Shatners’ divorce. Shatner agreed to split ownership with his ex and to allow her to visit the horses that he has retained ownership of as long as she calls ahead of time to say she when she will be arriving.

The Shatners’ settlement includes some unusual details

While visitation rights to spend time with horses may not seem out of the ordinary to many people, an additional portion of the Shatners’ agreement is a bit more unusual. The court granted Shatner the right to keep all of the horses’ semen. Shatner has also retained ownership of a ranch where his former spouse’s first husband is buried. Shatner’s ex was awarded visitation rights to the property as well as permission to harvest fruit from the trees that grow there.

What Colorado spouses can learn from the Shatners’ divorce

William Shatner also reportedly agreed to pay his ex a lump sum of $2 million. The former couple had many marital assets to divide as well, including numerous residences and vacation properties, vehicles, and other valuable items. The uniqueness of Shatner’s divorce settlement illustrates that even the most complex cases can be resolved when spouses are willing to cooperate and compromise as needed in order to achieve a fair settlement.

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