Estate Planning Attorney To Help You Prepare For Tomorrow

This area of practice is about planning ahead to ensure that your assets go where you want them to go when you die by utilizing tools like wills and trusts. Estate planning allows for the management and transfer of your assets to your designated beneficiaries. My goal at Duncan Legal is to help provide you with a comprehensive plan that achieves your desires with the least possible conflict, emotional distress, time and expense.

I can also help you set up a statutory power of attorney for your property and finances. This allows you to appoint an agent to make decisions concerning your property (including financial decisions) on your behalf in the event you are unable to make such decisions on your own. The statutory power of attorney does not allow an agent to make medical decisions, but it does allow you to name a conservator of your estate or a guardian of your person, which may alleviate the need to have a court appoint such a person on your behalf.

Let Us Help Secure Your Future

It will be hard enough on your loved ones when you pass, don’t allow confusion over your estate to make it even more difficult for them.

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