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Carolyn Moller Duncan 2

Carolyn Duncan


I went into law because I wanted to help pull people out of difficult legal situations. Now, 25 years later, my focus is still on real solutions and client care.

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Bill Duncan

Business Manager

I spent years as a business manager and owner, but it wasn’t until I joined Carolyn’s practice that I found a truly rewarding way of helping others.

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Family Law

We handle many family-related concerns, including divorce, prenups, and child custody.
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Despite the rumors, filing for bankruptcy is often the best solution to a financial crisis.
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Estate Planning

We’ll help you decide whether a will, trust, or other plan is right for you and your family.
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Settling the affairs of someone you’ve lost is never easy. We try to simplify the process.
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courthouse We can take your problem apart and help you put a solution together.

Sometimes the answer to a problem is breaking it down, examining its parts, and then reassembling the pieces into an entirely new, ideal form. At other times, a problem can seem like a jumbled mess from the get-go, in which case it’s time to build up a new solution from scratch.

Whether your legal concern feels like a good idea gone awry or simply a flat-out mess, we’re up to the task of helping you do more than just salvage it — we’d like to restructure it from a source of stress into a working, lasting solution.

For example, if you come to us with concerns about your future, we will take the time to learn the details of your circumstances, then help you build the estate plan that makes the most sense for you. If it’s a worry involving bankruptcy, custody, or division of assets that brings you forward, we’ll help you break down the situation and re-examine the possibilities.

Legal problems are rarely cut-and-dry, but that doesn’t mean they’re unsolvable. We believe that with proper guidance and an innovative approach, just about any legal issue can be resolved.