Make Your Wishes Known With Estate Planning Documents

Choose Carolyn Moller Duncan, P.C. in Littleton, CO

Are you ready to let your family know how you want your assets distributed? Do you need help navigating the probate process because your loved one passed without a will or trust? If you need assistance drafting your end-of-life documents or getting through probate, turn to the estate lawyer, Carolyn Duncan, at Carolyn Moller Duncan, P.C.

She has been helping clients in Littleton, CO and Arapahoe, Jefferson, and Douglas counties with their estate planning needs for years. Don’t wait any longer. Schedule a free consultation with the estate lawyer at Carolyn Moller Duncan, P.C. as soon as possible.

Ready to protect your best interests

Although Carolyn Duncan focuses on estate planning and probate administration, she can also help you with:

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Negotiating debts

Filing for divorce

Negotiating child custody and support

Drafting a trust

Drafting a will

She also tackles child custody matters. Carolyn prides herself on providing compassionate assistance and effective solutions. Schedule an appointment with Carolyn Moller Duncan, P.C. right away. Our estate planning attorney serves clients in Littleton, CO and Arapahoe, Jefferson, and Douglas.

Receive professional legal guidance and personalized support

At Carolyn Moller Duncan, P.C., we believe that in order to determine the best course of action for a situation, it's crucial to have a complete understanding of it. You can count on Carolyn Duncan to:

  • Listen intently to your story, your concerns, your goals and your hopes for the future
  • Examine your situation and re-examine all possibilities
  • Start building a plan to get things moving in the right direction

Legal problems are rarely cut and dry, but that doesn't mean they're unsolvable. Sometimes the answer to a problem can be found by breaking it down, examining its parts and reassembling those parts into an entirely new form. Other times, a problem can seem like a jumbled mess, in which case it's time to create a new solution from scratch.

We believe that with proper guidance and an innovative approach, almost any legal issue can be resolved. Trust the Carolyn at Carolyn Moller Duncan, P.C. to restructure your problem into a working and lasting legal solution. Speak with the lawyer at Carolyn Moller Duncan, P.C. in Littleton, CO now by calling 303-394-2358.

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