Establishing Medical Power Of Attorney

You don’t want the court to make decisions about your health care, so name someone you trust with a power of attorney. A medical power of attorney, or a health care power of attorney, is a legal document that authorizes someone you trust, such as a family member or a personal friend, to make medical decisions on your behalf should you become incapacitated. If you need to establish a power of attorney in the Centennial area, speak with an estate planning attorney today. Duncan Legal can help you understand the legal process of estate planning, from setting up a power of attorney to drafting a will.

Don’t Take Any Risks With Your Medical Care

When you need medical assistance, you can’t afford to take any risks with the quality of your care. It might seem too early to think about things like estate planning and powers of attorney, but it’s never a bad time to prepare for the future. When you establish medical power of attorney, you can ensure that:

  • Someone you trust will make important decisions about your care.
  • You’ll get the high-quality care you need.
  • No one will authorize a medical procedure against your will.

Rest easy knowing that your wishes are clear. Speak with an experienced estate planning attorney in Colorado today about your medical power of attorney. Duncan Legal works with clients in Centennial and the surrounding region, including Arapahoe, Jefferson, Douglas and Denver counties.