Meet Carolyn Duncan, PC

Committed to addressing the most pressing concerns of our clients, I recognized the need to concentrate my focus on the practices of family law and estate planning strategies.

Helping people through their most complex and often emotional decisions, I bring together thoughtful strategic planning, extensive knowledge of the latest legal thinking and economic policies and the foresight I’ve developed in over two decades of practice.

I understand the emotional toll major life decisions can take. When my husband of 17 years fell ill and passed away, I was left wrestling with many wrenching decisions and complex legal hurdles. And when my mother was diagnosed with dementia and needed to be moved into an assisted living facility, the decisions, and legal ramifications were huge—as were the potential costs. These difficult experiences have shaped my approach to estate planning and family law, and they powerfully reaffirmed my commitment to helping my clients through their complex legal challenges.

Whatever your unique situation may be, I am dedicated to sharing my knowledgeable and trusted voice as a fiercely advocates for your interests. My approach is deeply human, designed to amicably resolve disagreements as a first option, reducing the stress and mitigating many emotional triggers that death, business dissolution, or other shift in family or financial dynamics can release. By planning strategically and helping to eliminate the unknown, I offer peace of mind, ensuring protections for your family and the knowledge that your legacy is being preserved according to your wishes.

Ultimately, I offer my clients a committed and knowledgeable legal professional who puts their interests first, always.

If you are interested in discussing your unique situation, please consider contacting me at (303) 394-2358 or book an appointment today.