Most Colorado family court judges agree that children are better able to cope with divorce if their parents treat each other respectfully and cooperate for their sake. In a perfect world, parents would always have peaceful child custody agreements. In reality, many parents have contentious relationships, which causes them to encounter challenges as they carry out their co-parenting plans.  

A parent in another state has been arrested  

Many co-parents have court orders in place that specify when and where they are to exchange child custody. A recent incident occurred in another state where a parent who showed up at a residence for a child custody exchange reportedly got into an argument with the girlfriend of her child’s father. The situation is said to have become violent when the mother of the child fired shots into the residence from inside a vehicle as it pulled away from the house.  

A bystander inside the home was hit 

A person who was visiting the home at the time was hit by a bullet that came through the window of the house. Thankfully, the injuries were not life-threatening. Police located and arrested the woman they believe fired the gun as well as a man who had been in the vehicle with her. The woman is facing criminal charges for aggravated assault as well as child endangerment and several other crimes.  

Concerned parents should never hesitate to reach out for support 

In Colorado and all other states, the family court always has children’s best interests in mind when handing down child custody rulings. If a parent is concerned that a co-parent is violent or abusive or somehow a detriment to his or her child, he or she may bring the matter to the court’s attention. The safety and well-being of children is always a priority in child custody proceedings.