Child custody and back-to-school issues

Aug 13, 2021 | Child Custody

Children in Colorado and throughout the country are winding down their summer breaks and preparing for the back-to-school season. In many cases, children who have parents who filed for divorce over the summer may encounter challenges as they navigate their first school year with parents living in separate households. Those who are co-parenting after divorce for the first time can keep several helpful tips in mind to avoid stress and legal problems.

Most kids thrive on routine

One of the most basic things a newly divorced parent can do to avoid back-to-school stress is to try to establish as much of a normal routine as possible for his or her children. Yes, the kids might be traveling back and forth between two households, but that does not mean their daily life must be absent of structure and routine. If co-parents are willing to work together, they can minimize the amount of disruption their decision to divorce has caused in their children’s lives.

Make the terms of the co-parenting agreement detailed and specific

The following list includes issues that can spark parental disagreements or legal complications during a back-to-school season after a divorce:

  • Purchasing school supplies
  • Attending school meetings or special events
  • Permission for people to pick up or drop off kids at school, practice, etc.
  • Disregarding a court order or terms of agreement

Concerned parents should build a strong support network from the start

Any Colorado parent preparing for a back-to-school season after a divorce will want to establish a strong support network so that assistance is readily available as needed. Included in such a network, might be children’s teachers, coaches, a trusted neighbor, relative or friend, as well as licensed counselors or legal advocates. It is not uncommon for parents to disagree about child-related issues after divorce. What matters most is not whether there are problems but how a concerned parent addresses a particular issue and tries to resolve the matter.

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