Will Attorney In Littleton

Put an experienced will lawyer in Littleton, CO to work for you

Give you family clear instructions on what to do after you pass with help from a will lawyer at Carolyn Moller Duncan, P.C.

A will is a document that includes declarations such as who will:

  • Distribute your assets
  • Act as a guardian for your minor children
  • Receive your assets

A will can also include a testamentary trust to hold assets for the benefit of minor children until they reach a designated age, at which time the remaining proceeds are completely disbursed to the child.

A will moves with you if you relocate to a new state and can be changed at any time. It’s time to draft your paperwork. Speak with the will lawyer, Carolyn Duncan, at Carolyn Moller Duncan, P.C. right away. We serve clients in the Littleton, CO area including Arapahoe, Jefferson, and Douglas counties.

Confused by establishing a living will or advanced medical directive?

Setting up a living will or an advanced medical directive is easy when you work with Carolyn Moller Duncan, P.C. If you end up with a terminal condition and life-sustaining procedures would only postpone the moment of death, these documents will let medical staff know how you want to proceed. They can also make your wishes clear if you ever fall into a persistent vegetative state.

In order for a living will to come into play, two physicians—your treating doctor and another unrelated to your case—must determine that any medical procedure would only serve to prolong the dying process.

Don’t force your family to argue over what they think you would have wanted. Draft a living will or advanced medical directive as soon as possible. Contact the will lawyer at Carolyn Moller Duncan, P.C. for a free consultation. We’re located in Littleton, CO, but serve Arapahoe, Jefferson, and Douglas counties.