Funny how life turns out. Never as we have planned it, not for me anyway. My new life is daunting, scary and full of a ton of things I could never in a million years have anticipated. Sometimes I wonder if I should have moved to another state? Climate, jobs and even family have become an issue. I am seriously considering moving to another state before I completely settle here, then it will be too late. I have delayed the house buying option for now. Taking time to investigate other surroundings.

I laugh often at my attorney saying, “You are a smart gal, it should be easy to make $15.00 an hour.”…wonder what world he lives in? Thank you for opening my eyes to a larger alimony settlement.

Thank you for “driving my divorce”, as I had originally asked you to. It is good to have it over! I wonder, did my divorce create enough paperwork as to inherit a box? If there is anything else I need or have problems with I shall be in touch.

Your professionalism has been greatly appreciated.



Thanks Bill and Carolyn for your team effort and for all that you have done for my wife and me. Though our case was just one in a long line of cases before us and many standing in line behind, you both treated us with the understanding that the situation was new to us and not easy to navigate. You showed us respect and kindness during a very difficult time and saw us through to the other side, a brighter future.

Again, thank you from the depths of our hearts.

If anyone has to go through this life-changing event, Carolyn and Bill are the ones who care about their clients.

If we were to sum up your efforts we would use, informative, explains all possibilities, and all options. You both are the masters of organization and preparedness.

Thank you so much.