Divorce isn’t a tragedy. The tragedy is being trapped in a bad marriage.

Divorce, or “dissolution of marriage” as it is called in Colorado, is a stressful process that requires you to make fateful decisions that will affect your life for years to come. At this critical point in time, wise counsel, sound advice, and a complete understanding of your options are essential.

At the family law practice of Duncan Legal P.C, we take the time to learn what you really want and help you set realistic expectations. We then use our experience, knowledge, creativity, and negotiation skills to create the best possible options.

Whether you are initiating the action or have been served with dissolution documents, our goal is to achieve a successful resolution of outstanding legal issues so that you can move forward to your new life in a positive manner.

We advise and represent clients in matters involving:

  • Divorce—simple dissolution and complex dissolution
  • Legal Separation
  • Parental Responsibilities including parenting plans and decision-making
  • Maintenance (spousal support, known as “Alimony” outside Colorado)
  • Division of Assets and Debts
  • Child Support 
  • Other issues arising from divorce and its aftermath
  • Our Approach to Divorce Cases

Our honest, straightforward, and realistic approach enables us to provide efficient and cost-effective services in a low-stress manner. We do not advise clients to pursue unachievable goals, and if you do not need a lawyer, we will tell you so.

We will discuss your personal situation, your hopes for your children, and your dreams for the future. Then we will develop a realistic plan designed to achieve those goals and help you make a successful transition to life after divorce. We never presume to know what is best for you until we take the time to learn what you really want and need. We will make sure that we are in full agreement as to the desired outcome before going to battle for you in regard to matters such as parental responsibilities and property division.

Where there is conflict, we believe in mediation as the most effective way to achieve a good result, because you can be part of the decision process. If it can’t be resolved to your satisfaction, then we are ready to go to battle when a trial is in our client’s best interest, and we will never compromise when it comes to your rights.

If you’re facing a divorce, please contact us for a free consultation to discuss how we can help.