Protecting Your Disabled Beneficiary’s Financial Needs

Do you have a loved one or family member with special needs? They’re entitled to government aid benefits, but other assets created for their benefit could interfere and waive their eligibility. A special needs trust fund is designed to improve their quality of life without affecting their eligibility for government benefits.

Duncan Legal provides legal representation and counsel on special needs trust laws in Centennial, Colorado. Your estate planning attorney will help you set up and maintain your special needs trust to protect the future of your loved one.

Your Options In Inheritance And Settlement Compensations

A special needs trust can protect the assets of physically or mentally disabled individuals. Duncan Legal often deals with special needs trusts to protect assets collected by:

  • Inheritance proceeds
  • Personal injury settlements
  • Criminal injury, litigation or insurance settlements

Without placing these assets into the appropriate trust, you run the risk of waiving your eligibility for government benefits. Contact an experienced estate planning attorney at Duncan Legal or send an email for legal advice on setting up a special needs trust in Centennial, Colorado.