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Transferring Wealth Through Generations: 3 Great Tips

While most U.S. adults age 18 and over have not prepared their estate or started planning for the transfer of assets, 81% of Americans above the age of 72, as well as 58% of baby boomers (aged between 53 and 71) do have estate planning documents. If you're part of the...

3 Important FAQs About Wills and Asset Distribution

Life can be beautiful, entertaining, and truly amazing. Unfortunately, it can also be quite sad, as death can strike at anytime. These aren't exactly topics people enjoy talking about or even thinking about, but since it is a reality, it's important to at least broach...

5 Tips on How to Better Manage Divorce Stress

Divorces can be very draining and exact its toll on your energy, resources, and time. Indeed, not all marriages are designed to last “until death do us part.” Several things can happen that could warrant the dissolution of your marriage, including infidelity, lack of...



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