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Estate Planning

Estate planning for those who are not married

What happens to someone’s estate when he or she is not married? Those who have remained unmarried might feel as though they do not need to worry about estate planning at all, especially since discussions on the matter tend to focus on people with spouses and children....

Taking the mystery out of the probate process

Many people in Colorado and throughout the country are unsure about the legal process that occurs to distribute a person’s assets after he or she dies. The process, known as “probate,” can be rather simple or quite complex, depending on the circumstances of a specific...

Estate planning issues that prompt conservatorships

Many people avoid discussions about their own mortality. Others, however, understand what a valuable tool the estate planning process can be. Therefore, they not only discuss such issues at home, but they try to execute as thorough and detailed of a plan as possible....

Flat-fee options are available for wills, trusts and probate:

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