Crisis is a turning point. Let’s make sure you are going in the right direction

Sometimes life happens and bad things happen to good people. Some seniors will be perfectly healthy one day, only to be faced with an unexpected and serious condition like a stroke or dementia the next. These conditions require expensive care, and Medicaid will likely pay for it once you qualify, but in the meantime, you will have to navigate the confusing and difficult rules while paying thousands of dollars for care out of your own pocket.

We understand the workings of the Medicaid system and it’s seemingly insurmountable rules. We can quickly analyze your situation and devise a plan to get you qualified for Medicaid in the shortest time and at the least cost. Additionally, if you are married, your spouse will still be allowed assets and income to live on.

If you find yourself in the difficult situation of requiring a Medicaid crisis plan, please call us immediately. Let us help you work through the options. Prior gifts can result in a penalty, but we may be able to reverse the gift and its impact. If you have already tried to qualify for Medicaid and been rejected, let us help you work through the problems so you can qualify for the care you deserve.