Medicaid help is not a free gift. You’ve already paid for it!

Medicaid is a social security program funded by the federal government, but managed by the state. In Colorado the agency that manages Medicaid is the Colorado Department of Health.

Many people believe that Medicaid only provides long-term care for people who cannot afford to care for themselves, but that is not entirely true. Through good planning, a person can qualify for Medicaid and still keep assets to pass on to their heirs.

To qualify for Medicaid, one must fulfill certain financial as well as non-financial criteria. If you do not fulfill the non-financial requirements, little can be done. Financial requirements, however, are different.

There are three processes of financial planning for Medicaid with which Carolyn Moller Duncan, P.C. can help: none, proactive long term, and crisis.

For those with no assets or income, little planning is needed since Medicaid was created to provide for the elder care needs of those who cannot afford it. We can help you qualify quickly and easily.

Proactive long term planning, however, is for those with assets and income who want to benefit from Medicaid but also want to keep their assets to pass on to their family. Using our system early, you can keep hundreds of thousands of dollars and still have Medicaid pay your long term care bills. Click here to learn more about protecting your assets through Medicaid Practical Planning.

Finally, the crisis category is for those who were doing well, but then were stricken by something unexpected like a stroke or dementia. In these cases, you will probably qualify for Medicaid, but a quick and effective response is essential. We can help you qualify as quickly as possible and save you money and a significant amount of stress. Click here to learn more about Medicaid Crisis Planning.