Don’t Be Caught Without A Document Card When You Need It Most

What would you do if you were injured or incapacitated without your family’s knowledge? Would your loved ones have the legal right to overcome federal HIPAA patient privacy protections to locate you and carry out your wishes? Imagine this scenario:

A couple returned from a cruise and called their adult son to say they were home. No answer. As they drove home they stopped by his house to give him a souvenir and tell him about their trip, but he wasn’t home.

No problem, they would simply check back later. But when they did…still no son. No Contact. No message. The next day they called two local hospitals and were told by each that they could not tell them if their son was a patient because the hospital did not have a HIPAA release for them!

Luckily, the son later contacted them from one of the hospitals and explained he had been in an accident. Like most people, he did not carry his HIPAA release in his pocket, but now he carries a document card in his wallet.  

The document card is the size of a credit card. It is carried next to your insurance card and driver’s license, and it can help you avoid the fear and problems faced by the family from our story.  

When you arrive at a hospital, the doctor follows the instructions on your document card and within minutes the hospital has access and copies of your HIPAA Release, Medical Powers of Attorney, Living Will, and your Primary Care Physician contact information. It lists allergies, health conditions, and contact information as well. You can even instruct that certain people be automatically emailed to inform them of your situation.

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