Estate Planning Ignorance is NOT Bliss: 5 Common Misconceptions

Estate planning is a vital process for just about everyone. However, it is a process whose public image is oftentimes marred by misinformation. It is essential that, when considering engaging in estate planning, you are able to effectively separate fact from fiction and make informed decisions about your legacy. Here are 5 commonly held, false and damaging notions about estate planning you should be aware Read More

3 Reasons to Complete Your Advance Health Care Directives Right Away

The topic of “pulling the plug” and other aspects of end-of-life medical care are incredibly sensitive subjects, and most people have very strong opinions on such matters. In fact, you’ve probably seen some very high-profile legal battles between family members play out in the news in the past. No one can completely avoid the potential of being placed in an end-of-life medical situation, so what can you do to help Read More

Allocation of Parental Responsibilities: Colorado Child Custody Law

In any divorce involving children, determining who will get custody and how visitation will be handled is oftentimes the most emotionally challenging aspect you will face. Usually, neither parent wants to give up time with their children, and disputes can escalate quickly. In the state of Colorado, “custody” is actually referred to as “parental responsibilities.” When two parents are embroiled in a dispute over Read More

The Three Forms of Medicaid Planning

Medicaid is a social security program funded by the federal government, but managed by the state. In Colorado the agency that manages Medicaid is the Colorado Department of Health. To qualify for Medicaid, one must fulfill certain financial as well as non-financial criteria. If you do not fulfill the non-financial requirements, little can be done. Financial requirements, however, are different. With the right Read More

The 3 Key Facets of Personal Divorce Preparation

Just as one would take steps to ready themselves for a blizzard or prepare themselves for a major test in school, it is vital that anyone who is faced with the prospect of getting a divorce take steps to prepare themselves for what’s to come. A divorce is one of the most impactful types of upheaval that can occur in a person’s life. Nearly everything about your life will change in a divorce, and change is never Read More

Bankruptcy and Your Credit Score

There is no way around it—filing for bankruptcy will almost certainly leave you with a big, black mark on your credit report. However, your overall credit profile determines the kind of impact that bankruptcy will have on the credit report. Despite the fact that it can stay on your record for as long as ten years, filing for bankruptcy could still be the best option available to you, but it is important to understand Read More

Financial Power of Attorney: What to Consider Before Selecting an Agent

In legal terms, a Power of Attorney generally refers to any document that grants a person—known as the “agent”— legal authority to make decisions on behalf of another person—known as the “principal” or “grantor.” Powers of attorney come in numerous forms, but they are most often used to grant power to make decisions regarding either a principal’s healthcare or finances when they are unable to do so, such as in a Read More

Why a Prenuptial Agreement Can Be a Good Choice for ALL Marrying Couples

All too often prenuptial agreements get a bad rap. Many people consider it to be a document whose sole purpose is to prepare a marriage for failure, particularly in instances when one spouse has significantly greater income or assets than the other. This is simply not true. Prenuptial agreements, better known as prenups, carry numerous benefits for couples of all backgrounds, degrees of trust in one another, Read More

A Simple Will is Not Enough: 5 Other Essential Estate Planning Documents

Creating a will is vital to ensuring that your estate is administered in accordance with your wishes upon your death. Without it, decisions about how to distribute your assets will be made by the state, which could mean your loved ones are denied the inheritance you otherwise would have bequeathed to them. Wills serve other important roles as well, such as giving you the ability to designate a potential guardian Read More

Understanding the Difference Between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Layman’s Terms

If you are in some sort of financial distress, and unable to pay your debts, there is a good chance bankruptcy could be the best possible remedy available to you. Unfortunately, most people harbor a negative stigma regarding bankruptcy simply because they do not truly understand how it works. Their ignorance is understandable, however, considering the complexity of the US bankruptcy code. The process of bankruptcy Read More