Establishing Paternity in Colorado

Having a child is one of the greatest moments of any parent’s life. Problems can arise, however, when one or both parents question the paternity of the child. In addition to the many emotional benefits, establishing paternity gives the father certain legal rights and responsibilities. Below we discuss the three ways paternity can be established in Colorado as well as explore the benefits that paternity imparts. 3 Read More

4 Common Mistakes to Avoid During the Medicaid Planning Process

Any kind of planning for the future requires some amount of consideration and help. Medicaid planning requires a lot more consideration and help. This is because if you don’t get your Medicaid planning right, the financial stakes could be very high and very costly, not just for you, but for your family. Here are four common mistakes people make during the Medicaid Planning process that you should know to avoid: 1) Read More

Who Gets What?: Understanding Division of Property in a Colorado Divorce

Dissolution of a marriage can be as logistically difficult as it is emotionally difficult. This is particularly true when the divorcing spouses are unable or unwilling to divvy up the assets and debts they accrued during the marriage. Recognizing that this is the case for just about all divorcing couples, Colorado’s laws are designed to step in and mediate the dispute. Colorado follows the principle of equitable Read More

5 Common Misconceptions About Living Wills

The ability to dictate the treatment that we are to receive during end-of-life care is something that has only recently been granted to individuals. Now, though, individuals are able to make these decisions using a living will, known in Colorado as a Declaration as to Medical Treatment. Living wills are a form of advanced directive made by an individual when they are able to make their own decisions that sets forth Read More

What You Need to Know About Colorado’s Move-Away Law

If you are a single parent thinking about relocating with your child either within Colorado or out of the state entirely, it is very important to know about Colorado’s relocation statute or Move-Away Law. Depending upon the current custody arrangement and the distance that the child will be re-located, there could be some high hurdles to overcome to be able to legally and lawfully move with the child to the new Read More

5 Harmful Myths About Bankruptcy

CORRECTION!!  This blog contained out of date information and has been corrected.  The exemptions for homestead in Colorado have been increased and currently are $75,000 (or $105,000 if the home is occupied by a debtor who is disabled or over 60 years old). There are situations where unexpected financial problems can cause disastrous effects. It can include unexpected medical expenses, a dramatic increase in Read More

Colorado Estate Planning: Understanding the Difference Between a Revocable and Irrevocable Living Trust

When it comes to estate planning, you have several options for controlling what happens to your assets after you die. One popular tool is a living trust, which is a legal document that creates a trust while you are still alive. You transfer all of your assets to the trust and benefit from them during your lifetime. Once you pass away, your beneficiaries are given access to the assets, which will be managed by a Read More

4 Essential Things to Consider When Developing a Parenting Plan

Going through a family law or divorce case can be both financially and emotionally taxing, and much more so for any children involved in the legal battle. Regardless of how amiable you and your spouse may be through the process, children are often stuck in the crosshairs and can be unknowingly hurt. To make sure you avoid this, it is important to create an effective Parenting Plan, otherwise known as a Custody and Read More

What Happens to My Home if I File for Bankruptcy?

Many people assume that they will lose everything they own if they file for bankruptcy, including their home. This is a common misconception that is in many cases untrue. Regardless of whether you file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will often be able to keep your home. However, it is easier to ensure that you keep your home in a Chapter 13 proceeding.   Your Home in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Whether you Read More

4 Key Benefits of a Mediated Divorce

You might not have imagined that someday you’d be getting divorced, but as life takes its twists and turns, sometimes it leads you to the lawyer’s office. A divorce doesn’t have to be stressful or ugly; in fact, by utilizing mediation as a means of handling your divorce, all parties will be better off in the end. Rather than going through a traditional divorce process and going to court, mediation allows for both Read More